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Bitter Sugar…

Bitter Sugar…. IN a recent move by the Government to save sugar Industry which is in doldrums is a classic joke by itself.  First of all to offer a Rs. 6k cr. aid to ailing industry which is burdened with over Rs. 21k cr; but where did it all start? Let us look at some facts. India boasts of having over 1600 large and medium dams which is second only to USA, and around 75% of the fresh water is used to chemically cultivate cash crops mainly sugarcane that too in a mere 3-4% of cultivable land.  I know it’s…


Water Economy

Water Economy Water plays an important role in economy especially in the rural economy; the whole of life revolves around water.  In fact even in ancient times civilizations were born on its basins.  Even today in this modern world (so called advancement and civilized environment) the rural India is untouched by the advancements but badly hampered by mechanization, especially usage of bore well for irrigation which has resulted in depletion of ground water.  Lakes and tanks have dried up, open wells have become thing of past, the bore wells started getting deeper from few hundred feet to several hundreds of…


The Human Greed

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ? Mahatma Gandhi Just as we were all coming to terms with Government scams which came one after other just like Bollywood releases IPL (Indian Premier League) also had its share of darker side to offer.   Everyday evening it gave enough masala for most of the people on television with large mouth and big voice to throw their sample mind into the ocean of words.  Alas, we missed one big point irrespective of topic of discussion, the human greed. We allow simple things in life to grow into…


Create Health – Create Wealth

Create Health – Create Wealth Do you have a star hotel, a resort, a wellness centre, a health/ fitness facility, an upscale residential enclave or a large seafront/ uptown space for healthcare services? Are you interested in offering premier Ayurvedic services at your location? If yes, here’s a business offer you can’t resist. This is about building a world-class Ayurvedic centre in your location, with the support of AROGYASIRI. We provide you with a detailed blueprint and professional consultation for development of a new-generation Ayurvedic spa-cum-clinic, with all features and facilities needed for authentic ambience and treatment. After the centre…

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