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Various Treatments

Abhyanga & Sweda
Complete Body Massage with Steam


  1. Treatment details: Suitable medicated herbal oil, appropriate for the individual’s health need is selected by the physician and applied to the whole body and massaged by two therapists and later made to take steam to induce sweat for a specific time.
  2. Benefits: checks aging process, reduces strain, stress, keeps vatha energy under control, lubricates joints, eliminates toxins, induces sense of well being, tones muscles, improves circulation, regularizes sleep pattern, improves skin complexion, heals wounds, given as pre-procedures in Panchakarma (de-toxification) and rejuvenation treatments.
  3. Duration: 60 minutesArogyaSiri is one of the prominent centers offering consultation and treatment facilities in Mysore.  Kindly get in touch with the front office today.


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