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ArogyaSiri offers detailed individual consultations before & after treatment and follow-up checkups by experts, with many optional features. We also offer initial medical consultation over the Internet, before our guests opt for our complete treatment. And our Mysore office is always open to healthcare/ wellness-related queries from guests around the world. 



  • Consultation prior to customized treatment from expert Ayurvedic physicians, covering pulse diagnosis, constitution/ Dosha assessment, general checkup and lab investigations, wherever found necessary with the consent of the guest.
  • Final consultation after the completion of customized treatments, plus issuance of a detailed prescription recommending diet, activity and lifestyle to be followed at home by the treated guest
  • Consultation with expert allopathic physicians, if found necessary and if approved by the guest.
  • Special consultation with the Chief Consulting Physician at Mysore or in our other centres/clinics in India and abroad, if desired and subject to prior appointment.
  • Regular availability of Ayurvedic physicians trained by us, at all our centres/clinics in India and abroad.
  • Onsite consultation and onsite professional treatment in case of immobile patients, in any part of the world, wherever required & desired.
  • Professionally monitored & documented followup from day-to-day and time-to-time, during Panchakarma or rejuvenation treatment, in addition to routine health maintenance checkups after the guest returns home.


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