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Various Treatments


(Drip Treatment)


The name of the dhara changes depending upon the substance used.

Taila Dhara – oil drip
Takra Dhara – medicated buttermilk drip.
Ksheera Dhara – medicated milk drip.
Gritha Dhara – medicated ghee drip.
Kashaya Dhara – medicated decoction drip.
Madhu Dhara – medicated honey drip.

  1. Treatment details: uninterrupted drip of any one of the above medications suitable for health need is done on the forehead by two therapists (one helping the other).
  2. Benefits: eliminates strain, stress, sleep disturbances, chronic headaches, migraines, blood pressure, psychological problems, dandruff, scalp infections and many more.
  3. Duration: 45 minutes each.


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