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Panchakarma (Detoxification Treatments)

  1. Vamana: this procedure involves the induction of emesis for removing kapha toxins. This is specifically indicated in chronic allergic asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  2. Virechana: involves induction of purgation for removing pitta toxins specifically indicated in digestive problems, liver problems, constipation, obesity, skin and metabolic disorders.
  3. Basthi: medicated herbal enema mainly for removing vatha toxins. It is also beneficial in removing pitta and kapha toxins. Basthi could also be used as a rejuvenative procedure in extremely debilitated persons where special rejuvenative herbal preparations are administered as retention enemas. Basthi is specially indicated in high blood pressure, arthritis, anxiety, stress and vatha related problems.
  4. Nasya: involves nasal administration of medicated oil. This is beneficial in removing kapha toxins from the head and neck regions. An excellent treatment in chronic head aches; migraines, sinusitis, rhinitis, thyroid and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) related problems.
  5. Rakta mokshana: specific quantity of blood is removed from an affected skin area either by vene puncture or using leaches. Highly effective in diabetic wounds, abscesses and chronic non-healing external ulcers.

The healthy feeling one gets after a proper panchakarma is an amazing experience. Ayurveda recommends panchakarma to all individuals periodically to maintain good health and youthfulness. The duration of these panchakarma treatments would range from a minimum of eight days to twenty-eight days. Panchakarma is not suited for those who are in a hurry or to those who cannot control their indulgences in diet and activities.


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