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Various Treatments

Rejuvenation Treatment



  1. Rejuvenation – Those treatments that help individuals to recoup normal health after an illness and also as maintenance for already healthy persons.
  2. Treatments for ailments – AROGYASIRI has Ayurvedic treatments for all minor and major illnesses specially targeting at diabetes, obesity (over weight), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardio-vascular problems, arthritis, joint pains, skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema, paralysis, fibromyalgia, allergic asthma and other respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, alcoholism, psychological and stress related problems, sleep irregularities, depression, sexual disorders, infertility, hormonal disturbances, uterine problems, menopause syndrome and many more.

    ArogyaSiri is one of the prominent centers offering consultation and treatment facilities in Mysore.  Kindly get in touch with the front office today.



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