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Ayurvedic Training

Ayurvedic Training available under Apprenticeship


  1. Abhyanga and Sweda (complete body massage and steam)
  2. Udvartana (massage done in the opposite direction using mixture of herbal powders and oil)
  3. ShiroDharas (drip treatment of herbal medications over the forehead)
  4. External Bastis
  5. Localized Massages (Abhyangas)
  6. Netra Tarpana (treatment for the eyes.)
  7. Shashtikashali Pinda Sweda (Navarakizhi)(SSPS)
  8. Patra Pinda sweda (PPS)
  9. Kashaya Seka
  10. Sarvanga Dhara (Pizhichil)
  11. Beauty Treatments



AgrogyaSiri Clinic Beauty & Wellness Centre 



  • Please send me dates and prices of your courses. Thanks

    • Hi,

      I thank you for the interest shown in our Ayurvedic Treatments. You may kindly click on the tariff page & click on the image it magnifies, else you may call the mobile mentioned below for more information.

      Warm Regards,
      S Giri

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